Joshua Santus “Santus”

Inhabitant Info


Age: 15 yrs 
School: Draco Cradle
House: Weistria ( Graceful White Dragon)
Weapons: Blades (Dual Blade, Long Sword,
Short Swords, Spears & Rapier)
Spirit Infusion: Snow Leopard
Magic: Glyph, Incantation
Role: Striker, Controller
Race: Human


CODY Leader
SPENCER Defender
SANTUS Striker
ZAC Controller


Long jet black hair sits upon his head extending down his back just above his waist. With captivating sun disk eyes set into his boyish face, and a 5 feet 6 inches body framed with well tuned muscles shows all his hard work from training each summer. Being both strong an agile his his body perfectly displays all the progress he’s made during these last few years, having struggled to pass 145lbs. His dark skin resembled the rust coloured sand at his favourite beach, brown with hints of a red-ish hue. Making his appearance very unique among most humans.


Joshua Santus is from an exiled branch of “The Sancturus Royal Family”. His branch the formally Sancturus Amur Family were combat maids and butlers and distant cousin to the Main Santurus Lux family. Each Amur was tasked with the protection of one of the leader of the Sancturus households Lux, Sol, Lun, Stel and Dak or heirs. However due to unknown circumstances the Sancturus Amur family were exiled from the Sancturus Family and was re-name Santus and lost all right to their former lands and wealth.

The now Santus Family became nomads like most human tribes wondering from land to land. instead choosing never to establish a home, choosing to remain until prosecution becomes to intense or a better opportunity comes along. Joshua spent most of his life with the “Santus Mercenaries” as they were called, training with his cousins Jullianna, Joseph and Johnathon as their family took on contract to protect small towns and villages to survive. Their latest stop was the medium size town of Fallen Leaves a beautiful and peaceful town in the middle of the Fall Forest, a forest know for its tress retaining there fall colours all year round. While Joshua was never good at making friends, he quickly became friends with another boy name Cody Dangier, and the two were inseparable. Joshua and Cody did everything together trained, played, the even slept together almost everyday, and of course caused tons of mischief throughout Fallen Leaves. During their time together they took on missions and request normally reserved for adults and complete them with minor difficulty at the ages of 10 and 11. they even developed combination moves to help increase the power to complete those missions, becoming the youngest team in the west to ever complete a B Rank quest as a duo. But after only four years in Fallen Leaves their family moved again and he was forced to say goodbye. On the day they left Joshua and Cody performed a certain ritual with did give their desired effect but forever changing their lives. Joshua who was training to become a mage had made a mistake and performed a complete different ritual.

After they left Fallen Leaves, Joshua’s mother and father broke away from the main family’s nomadic life style to live a more stable life with there kids. They settled in Historia were Joshua met the charismatic Spencer Kairos his now best friend. Their friendship began on a school trip his first month in Historia, however their friendship grew quickly and they developed a strong connection. During their 5 years together they became known as “The Twins of Destruction” in the east and were ranked the 4th and 5th at their training school. Now Joshua have set off to Draco Cradle to discover the truth behind his family sudden exile.

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