Dragon Cradle Chapter III

Opening Ceremony

Part 2 Siblings

“So your name Spencer right?” One of the other students asked him.

“Yeah it is, and by the way, why are you guys still following me?” He asked turning to the group of students that were following him since the bellum deo incident.

“We don’t know where to go and you seem to know where you’re going, plus your strong.” One of them answered as they stopped to look at him.

“Ok whatever.” He said as they all walked towards the towers, a little weirded out by him leading them. Still walking he noticed a couple of dark shadows wisps around the forest. Stopping he noticed someone walk out of the forest taking their time as they stepped into the plain. As they walked closer to them he noticed it was a beautiful girl about the same age as him, she had long blonde hair and walked almost majestically towards them. Then in a flash several purple lumpy humanoid creatures jump at her. Still not making much effort they got closer and closer almost within arm’s length. Then with a wave of her hand a few flashes of light shout out from behind her. And within seconds they all laid dead on the floor. Confused Spencer still only saw her walking toward them when she finally got to them she stopped and said.

“Yo I’m Samantha Tranquillus, but most people just call me Sammy, and you’re in my way so watch it.” Taking her remark as a challenge Spencer stood in front of her waiting for her next move.

“Well if I’m in your way why don’t you just go around me.” He said staring her in the eyes, after a few sec he began to find it hard for him to maintain eye contact. Then when she finally moved she waved her hand similarly to before. Suddenly two lasers came flying at Spencer. Stepping back, he evaded one then pulled out his staff and blocked the others. “What’s your deal?!” He shouted as he stood there ready for another attack.

“I said you were in my way didn’t I.” Samantha replied with a subtle hand gesture. Seeing 2 floating doglike mech, he jumped back as more lasers came flying at him for them.  Deflecting most the blocking the rest little by little he began to notice he was being pushed back. Not liking his position, he took a deep breath then clasped his hands together activating his monkey spirit ability, making three light clones of himself that all rushed her. Samantha look at them with a smile then walked toward them. As the first one got within reach she spurn as it launched a staff jab at her, evading it with the spin then kicking it to breaking it into pieces. Then the other two attacked her one aiming high the other aiming low. Still not showing effort she back flipped evading both attacks. She then followed up with a few punches to its face and chest destroying it. Soon after third clone jabbed at her with its staff, catching it she then jumped into the air and with a smooth acrobatic motion dropped her heel into its forehead destroying the last one. Just as she was about to land Spencer himself came in from behind her taking her by surprise. Separating his staff into his two nunchucks he unleashed a barrage of attack both from the nunchucks at her taking the upper hand. Looking on from the side-line the other students just stood there in awe as they saw the clash of what looked like two elite fighter. But what no one noticed was that there was another student who simply walked into the crowd admiring the fight. He seemed quite and was aware of the sway of the fight. Samantha blocked most of his attacks also throwing in some attacks of her own that Spencer blocked as well. Then a deafening roar split the sky, backing away from each other and leaving their battle they both turned to the direction of the sound. They stood there staring for a couple of seconds when a gargantuan moving tree burst through the forest tree line. 7 other students came through with it and they seem to all be fighting it. Just then Santus landed next them then called out.

“Zac, Alicia now!” He shouted as two more students landed next to him. “Ready?” He asked and with a simple nod as their response. “Burning our souls like the bark of the great oak” Santus said an incantation as they pulled back on their bow, Santus then formed a huge glyph above their heads and layered it with more from what I looked glyphs like to Spencer. Other notes and symbol also appeared around them. “Let our hearts provide the embers for the flame that is eternal” continued the incantation as they Launched their shots into the air their two arrows both flew into the sky through the glyphs and merging together as into an orb of flame.

“Chase, Scott, Cody let’s take down the vies so it can’t cover itself.” Levi called out as they all started hacking down the vines and roots as the Orcwort tried to cover itself.

“Cody Spiral Hunt lets go.” Santus said though their mental link to Cody. Creating another glyph in the form of a platform in the air as Cody ran back for the or what to him. Jumping he landed in the middle of the glyph. The Santus used the rest of his mana to create a bow to connect to the platform he made. As Cody stood there it began to spiralling backwards readying the mana bow Santus made. Then the orb Zac, Alicia and Santus made exploded into hail shower of fiery arrows over head raining down on the Orcwort. Chase, Scott and Levi all jumped back after they cut away most of it vines and roots so the Orcwort couldn’t covered itself from the arrows. As the arrows fell they exploded destroying most the Orcwort and setting it on fire, letting out a loud shriek. “You Ready Cody?” Santus asked Turning to look at him as he got ready to launch him.

“I’m always ready.  Think you can make the shot?” He returned turning to face him in response. With only a smile they both turned back to the Orcwort as it was being burnt by the hail of fiery arrows. Waiting for the right moment Santus steadied his aim and then launched him. Cody went spinning through the air like a drill and with a howl he channelled his wolf spirit changed in a tornado of mystic blades shaped liked wolves aimed at the Orcwort. At the point of his collision with what remained of the still living Orcwort an explosion of his mystic blades shredded it Leaving only chopped wood and dust floating in the air.

Battered, bruised and covered in cuts they all stood there watching, waiting for the dust to settle to see if they had finally beaten it. A few seconds later they saw Cody standing on a pile of shredded vines and branches and what look like the remains of the Orcwort. Raising his sword into the air and cheeriness. Then Scott exclaimed “YEAH THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT!!!” Excited the all ran towards him shouting for joy, stepping down Cody was lifted up by Scott and then Santus was lifted but Levi and Zac as they celebrated their victory. However, it’s was short lived the rumbling of earth broke their celebration as the Orcwort busted out of the ground with a loud roar, and it attacked, vines, branches, roots and whatever wortlings were left came at them all at once. To worn-out to fight back they all stood there watching summoning all his strength left Santus created a shield with his glyph magic stopping it assault momentarily. Fighting to hold everything back a swift blur raced up the middle of them destroying the vines on the opposite side of the shield.

“Well someone has been practicing.” The voice of someone familiar to Santus said as he stood in front of him as he was let down by the others. “Long time no see little brother.” He said turning to face him. As he turned Santus recognised the same voice that shouted at him to move when the Orcwort first attacked.

“Of all the times to show up, you choose now.” Santus replied completely worth.

“Hey Santus do you know this guy.” Levi asked as he walked up to him. Smile faintly the man said.

“What’s the matter I come all this way to see you and this is how you treat me… Well I guess that to be expected… But let’s not get into that.” He said smirking as vines from the Orcwort attacked again. “You know, somehow I completely forgot about you.” He said turning to look at it. “Apo if you would.” He said with a few seconds passing and a large blast of fire shot down from the sky. Creating a huge explosion destroying the remains of the Orcwort and taking a good chunk of the forest with it. It also sent Santus and the rest of them flying in the opposite direction, skipping across the floor. Still standing where he was a mature adult red dragon landed behind him. Just then Santus stood to his feet a little shaken but he readied his rapier for a fight.

“Dude are you out of your mind?” Chase said as he saw him get ready to fight with the mysterious man.

“That guy is a dragon rider, and he has a freaking adult dragon behind him.” Scott said trying echo reason into his head, but Santus remained ready. He took deep breaths as they tried to regain as much energy as possible. Using mana absorbing techniques he learned from his magic teacher.

“Hey wait If he’s an enemy we should run, and we should run fast. There no way we can beat that, even at our peaks.” Levi then said to him still trying to talk him out of it.

“Trust me… I know… but I’m the only capable of holding him off long enough for you guys to get away.” Santus returned still focused on the man who stood in front of them. “While I’m fighting you take that opportunity to run.” Taking a deep breath, he dashed at him battered and but he seemed refreshed, preparing everything he had for this assault. Right as he got close, he and his brothers swords clashed locking in position. They both stared deeply into the other eyes as if they could determine the outcome of the battle then a glow from their eye caused them to separate. Dust began to kick up as they both moved like lightning. Slash, block, stab, evade, slash, parry, return repeat they moved like masters.

“You fight well with that weapon, despite knowing how much you hate them.” His brother said. Separating Santus sheathed his rapier then materialize two blade of with his magic. Then he wounds began to heal after healing Santus looked up and said.

“Well let’s start getting serious.” after about a seconds pause the began fighting again. Moving faster than before the seemed like blurs and flickers as the weapons classed. Slash, dodge, trust, deflect, slash, block. Lock again Santus had a blade to his neck while blocking his brother’s blade.

“As expected of the Blacksmith of Sanctu…”

“Heat…” Santus interrupted. “and meld and shape and press and forge, awaken he who crafted creation and dwell within.” As his enchantation was complete, mana enveloped his body and then exploded pushing his brother back. Santus clothing changed and his hair turned white and he eyes turquoise he stood there empty handed. Then disappeared, suddenly re-appearing behind his brother. His brother was shocked as he turned to find Santus was behind him. Santus then swung his hand as if he was holding dual blades cutting his brother abdomen. Then a barrage of attacks each using a different style of weapon completely gave Santus the edge. The fight turned in Santus’ favour then his brother’s dragon impaled them both with his claw. Santus gathered his strength to cut both his brothers arms off, but as his hands was raised they were impaled.  Removing its claw both of them fell to the floor. Santus returned to his previous state before the incantation falling to his knees and coughing blood. Standing to his feet he noticed his brother’s wounds were visibly healing. As his final move Santus got in close and channelling all his strength into a single attack he turned his rapier blade into an ice spear to fast for both his brother and the dragon to dodge, piercing his lung and his dragon left front leg before falling to the floor void of energy. Coughing blood he broke the ice spear and removed it letting them fall to the floor. Walking to his dragon everyone stood on about to move as they watch Santus fall to his brother. They all began to run as Santus had instructed but couldn’t bring themselves to leave he behind. So they returned and remained hidden hoping the perform a successful sneak attack to give Santus the upper hand. When he made it to his dragon he grabbed two swords and then walked back to Santus’ exhausted body and then dropped the swords in front of him and raised his long sword and said.

“It’s been real, and it been fun catching up, and if it wasn’t for Flame you might have really killed me… But alas this is the end.” As he swung his sword to finish him off both Cody and Spencer dashed from cover and managed to make in time to block his sword. Zac fired a barrage of arrows forcing him to move back. A second barrage from Alicia pushed him back even further. Then a few lesser from Samantha dealt some damage while Levi took Santus’ out of the way along with the swords. “Well I was wondering If I would have to kill all of you as well… and yep looks like I do.” He said to them amused. As they stood there ready for a fight.

“Well… Then it’s a good thing we got here then isn’t it.” A voice sudden came from behind Spencer

“Yes it is, it would be bad if they all died right now.” Another voice came from behind Santus’s brother.

“Especially after such a splendid performance.” A beautiful blonde female florian said from behind Cody. Looking around they saw a brown haired florian standing behind Spencer and a pure white bellum deos stood behind Santus’ brother.

“Liz take care of the kids please?” The white Bellum deos asked the female Florian.

“Ok but White be careful ok.” She replied in a caring voice.

“I will.” He replied in a similar manner. Stepping closer to them she placed her staff on the ground and she simply stood there white light appear around them.

“Sorry missy, I can’t let you do that.” Santus’ brother said rushing past them to attack her but White grabbed him by the collar and sent him flying in the opposition direction.

“Arannis send  Liz and these guys to the others. Then Liz put them to sleep so we can deal with this quickly.”

“Will do.” Arranis said vanishing then reappearing next to Spencer, Cody and Liz, touching them on the shoulder they then appeared next to Levi, Zac and the others. Feeling extremely tired Santus couldn’t help but close his eyes as a bright white light flashed putting the all to sleep.

“Listen up everyone you’re old enough to understand this… So it’s time you knew.” the echo of that man’s voice began to ring in Santus’ head. Our family will be wiped out and no one will survive unless we… without delay… this will altest save your lives but always remember we we will always l…” sigh

“I hate that dream.” Santus exclaimed softly as he awoke.

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