The Pound I- Chapter 1

The Rivers Styx and Acheron

“This sucks, how’d I get myself here on this ship anyways?” Roger asked himself as he walked and sat on his bed in the resting quarters of the ship. “I’m not supposed to be here.” He thought to himself as he sat there with the other pets and animals they corralled across the world. These animals are all being taken to The Pound, a solitary island that mysteriously appeared right after the Great Collapse. “It was about 9 years ago on the 6th of June 2006 is when this phenomenon that changed the world occurred. I was playing outside with Thomas my owner, we were playing fetch when a loud crack split the air, it sounded like thunder but it was a cloudless day. Next a red line of flames flew across the sky, as it passed over us I felt something burning inside me almost like my insides were set on fire. The change was fast over the 3 days. First hands and feet, then standing, and lastly human speech. I was just a puppy then, so they said the charge was more pleasant for me then most of the others. But no matter what it was or how it felt I became chimeras, a animal with shared features of multiple creatures. During the change they said I took on the physical, mental, and emotional characteristics and attributes of the last animal I came in contact with. For most. It was a human, some other animals but no matter what it may have been once, if you were affected by the change you were gathered and taking to The Pound.” Roger let his memory echo through his mind recalling the events that changed his life. Roger is a white and black humanoid husky he was average height and well built, his eyes were amber like red and he wore a blue Pokémon T-shirt with a light blue Pokéball on his left shoulder and the Pokémon water symbol on his back, with tan cargo-pants and black and white sneakers.

“Hey.” Someone said to him as he sat on the top bunk of the bed.

“Um, yeah what’s up?” Roger asked him looking up from his feet. He saw that it was a large humanoid tiger, his fur was a golden colour and he had medium brown stripes, he was wearing jeans with sneakers and a unbuttoned dress shirt, so you could see his muscular chest and abs. His voice was deep but that wasn’t to uncommon for a tiger.

“Who’s sleeping here?” He asked pointing to the bottom bunk.

“No one you want it?” I asked him as he stood just in front of the bunk bed.

“Yes, if no one’s claimed it I’ll take it.” He said dropping his duffel bag on the ground near the bed and falling into the bed himself, he shifted around for a few seconds until he was settled.

“Well my names is Roger what’s yours?” Roger asked him but there was a long paused that followed his question.

“Don’t got one, but if you want to call me something call me X.” He said back.

“Wait why X, is it because it sounds cool?” Roger asked him but X just stayed quiet.

“Maybe for being one of the hardest to take down by the guards. It took 10 men 10 days and 10 of their strongest tranquilliser darts to put him down. Am I right?” A humanoid rabbit asked from the bunk next to them. She had snow white fur and long hair her eyes were turquoise blue and her voice was soft and quiet. She was wearing a green jacket with fur around the collar over a white shirt with a higher collar and blue jeans and right next to her was something wrapped in a large cloth and tied with a string.

“It’s the Roman numeral for 10 so yes your right.” X answer back, till just now Roger failed to the rabbit on the other bunk bed in their room. “So since we’re doing introduction what’s your name?” He then asked her.

“It’s Yuuki.” She answers in a soft quiet voice. Just then the door slammed open and the guards tossed someone into the room with them.

“You can’t treat me like this.” He protested as the guards laughed then slammed the door.

“Trust me that’s not the worst they can do, just let it be.” X said to him turning around on his bunk facing his back to everyone.

“I was told this place was suppose to be a facility for our betterment.” He said back to X.

“Yep, that what they tell everyone who loves their pets, so they are willing to send you here. But that’s far from the truth, this place it is a prison where they plan keep all of us forever.” X responded by

“NO! It its not, it can’t be, they promised I’d get to see Thomas again.” Roger shouted refusing to accept X’s explanation.

“It’s properly the same for the rest of you, and maybe everyone else at the Pound. You had the whole teary eyed farewell with your owners and a let’s meet again promise.But it not going to happen at least, they won’t let it.” said without turning to face them. “I really envy you all having someone who wants you back.” X whispered to himself still laying on his bed. Yuuki’s ears twitch as she barely heard X’s whisper, only to give a sympathetic look. “But hey mouse what’s your name?” X asked the new member of their room.

“My owner called me Leonardo Da Vinci after the famous painter and inventor.”

“Well it nice to meet you.” Roger said jumping off of his bed and walking over to greet him. “I’m Roger and the rabbit over there is Yuuki and the tiger over their is X.”

“You’re a tiger?” Leonardo asked, “you certainly don’t smell like one.”

“Does it matter? ” X asked.

“I suppose it doesn’t.” Leonardo returned. with Roger looking at him them confused.

“It’s gonna be a long couple of days till we get to The Pound so I recommend you guys keep a low profile and keep out of trouble. It will make the ride there easier.” X finished before going to sleep. Yuuki also decided to try and get some sleep as well. Rogers and Leonardo both stayed up a bit later talking about their owner and what they did before the were placed on the this ship. After about an hour or so they both went to bed.

The next morning a loud buzzing signalled for breakfast. Getting out of bed they all waited for about a few minutes before they went to the door looking around. Leonardo saw that everyone was wearing slightly less clothing. X was only wearing what looked like a pair of black compression shorts from just below his hips to just barely down his thighs. Rogers was wear the same thing but his shorts was of a blue camouflage style while still warning his shirt for the other day. Yuuki was wearing only the white inner dress from her outfit the other day, it covered only her front and then wrapped around to her lower back then halfway down her thigh. He himself was wearing a pair of plain pajamas.

“Hey what are we waiting on?” Leonardo asked as they sat silently on their beds. Then suddenly the room started to shake, after about a few moments it stopped but not after loud footsteps and the screaming from the hall was heard.  It happened again with the same effect and then a third time. After the third time X, Roger, and Yuuki began to walk towards the door. “Wait, what just happened?” Leonardo asked as they approached the door.

“There are three chimeras on this ship that causes trouble for everyone, the rhino, the elephant, and the bull..” Yuuki said as Roger opened the door, and the hall was covered in blood marks and blood splattered all along the hall.

“They charge down the hall at full speed every morning and every night for food, their own stampede. The unfortunate souls that are out during it get trampled.” X said with a bit of remorse and anger in his voice. As they walked down the hall and into the cafeteria they saw them the Chimeras that stampeded down the hall, covered in blood and gorging themselves with food. They all look about the same to were 8 feet tall and weighed properly over 300 pounds, made up of mostly muscle. Those thick muscles cover their entire body from neck to toe. After about 5 minutes the rest of the boat’s passengers left their rooms and were standing around the edge of the cafeteria waiting for them to finish.

“We’ll wait for them to finish then we take what’s left. Going up there now will only get you killed by those three.” Rogers said as they stood there watching.

“But they’re going to eat everything by themselves.” Leonardo protested.

“Trust us Leo it just makes things easier, but we’re sick of it.” Yuuki said holding back her disgust for the whole time clutching something wrapped in that cloth she carried around. Then without warning a female puppy chemical went flying from from the crowd and landed right next to the severing area. Shock and horror felled everyone as they saw the rhino stop eating and walk up to her. He was clearly infuriating. Looking down at her he exhaled directly into her face then lifted his massive foot and tried to crush her underneath it. Paralyzed by fear she simply lied still looking up at him. Everyone in the crowd was shouting for her to run, but no one came to her rescue, no one even moved. All too scared to help. Then he dropped his foot with considerable force unto this girl. Everything went silent and time seem to slow, as they all awaited her grim fate. Most closed their eyes while a lady screamed out for her rescue. Then gasps filled the rooms, as people opened their eyes to see both Roger and X had stopped his foot just inches above her head. Holding the rhino’s foot in place they waited for someone to move the girl but no one would step forward.

“Roger take the girl and get her back to the crowd.” X told him while they held his foot up against the rhino’s weight. He was still trying to stomp down on the girl’s head,  trying to force his way through both Roger and X. “I’ll hold his foot up so do it.” He told him as he saw hesitancy in his eyes. Letting go Roger ducked under to grab the girl, losing Rogers support the rhino’s foot dropped a few inches but X adjusted his grip and held it firm. When Roger had grabbed the girl from underneath the rhino’s foot X put all his strength into something daring. He was not going to just let this slide, after they tried to kill a little girl like that. So he got into a better position lowering his leg just enough so the rhino lost his balance then tossed his feet and the lower part of his body in the air with all his strength. The rhino went flying into the air, hitting the ground with a loud crash, the boat shook violently as he land on his back. Given his shoulders a quick rub and spinning his arms he stood erect and stared at the others that had now stopped eating, and stood to their feet.

“No the cat is mine.” The rhino said getting back to his feet staring directly at X his voice was deep and scratchy. Suddenly both Yuuki and Roger were standing next to him.

“Whatever, as long as I get that sweet little bunny next to him.” The bull said staring at Yuuki and licking his lips, who was standing next to X.

“I guess I’ll take the pup.” The elephant said about Roger, walking and standing in line with both the rhino and the bull.

“So they can speak.” Yuuki said after their little conversation.

“I alway thought they were too stupid for words.” Roger said adding to her comment.

“Come on guys let’slets be fair, we all know that idiots just need the right kind of, encouragement.” X said as they faced off with the ship’s most feared and dangerous passengers. Enraged by their insults they charged X and the others, both the elephant and the Rhino dropped their heads looking to gorge both X and Roger with their horn and tusks. Fortunately both X and Roger manoeuvred in a way to avoid their horn and tusks and held on to them. Yuuki had a different problem the bull rushed her horns up and arms extended trying to grapple her. But Yuuki effortlessly jumped clear over his head and into a tumble uncovering what looked like a thin wooden practice katana from the piece of cloth she had tied with a sting.

Turning around the bull just stared at her with a smile as he got ready to charge again. Yuuki giggled at the repeated charge then she got serious almost as if death was going to be the outcome. Taking a lowered stance she held the wooden sword in by the handle her left hand at the wooden blade against the hilt, placing the back of her right hand on the handle nearest to the hilt. He right leg was extended forward with her knee slightly bent outwards and her back leg we closer to her body but bent forward. Focused on his change she waited for him to move. After about 10 seconds he charged her taking a different stance than before. This time his left arm was extended while his right arm was bent back and he was crouched down but moved forward like normal. As he approached Yuuki remained absolutely still waiting for the right moment to attack. Seemingly trying to end it in one attack. Then as soon as he got to her he reached his arm out to grab her when “AHHH!” a scream cut through the air, all attention now moved to Yuuki’s fight. The bull was now kneeling on the floor while Yuuki stood behind him, her thin wooden practice katana was an actual steel bladed katana, that was now covered in blood. Turning around she took another stanes as the bull stood again to his feet. Again he smiled and, as he dragged his hand across the entire gash Yuuki had given him. It spawned from the lower abdomen to the chest from right to left and dripped with blood. “Well you’re making me work for my dessert huh.” He said to her.

“Huh, sorry to disappoint but I don’t plan to give you any dessert, not today and not ever.” She returned. Within another couple of second he moved to one of the wooden tables and tossed it at her. Cutting it in half Yuuki saw that multiple tables and chairs was now flying in her direction. As the chairs flew at her she jumped over one while cutting another landing on a table that turned over to face the bull pushing off she hit the floor in a tumble avoiding another chair. But when she look up she saw the bull now just inches away from her with one hand already at her shoulder. Then and loud grunt sounded as Yuuki’s blade slammed into his abdomen piercing through to his back almost to the hilt of the blade. But even with the blade in his gut he continued to hold on to Yuuki. Slamming her to the ground knocking the wind out of her, now both Yuuki’s hand were pinned to the floor and her legs open with him over her.

“Now I’ve got you my little bunny.” Feeling him move his hips closer to her Yuuki quickly began to think of ways she could escape. Feeling something poke her she gasped but just then the rhino came flying at them completely taking the bull by surprise and sending him flying across the room with the rhino. Grabbing her sword as the bull got hit, and flew across the room. She then looked back and saw X slightly bloodied but he was standing in a position like he had thrown something. Walking over to her he extended his hand and helped her to her feet looking at each other the were both silent for a few seconds just looking at one another intensely. A slight blush appeared on both their faces but they soon became serious again as they saw the rhino and bull had gotten back up and were extremely pissed. They both took a fighting stance and got ready for their attacks. Roger was doing fairly well in his fight also. Him and the elephant were locked in a bare knuckle fist fight, Roger had the advantage in speed and was landing all his punches while the elephant was having a hard time keeping up. They stood about an inch apart and were both throwing punches as fast as they could. One of the elephant punches grazed Roger’s chin, just then he countered his blow with a uppercut to his chin sending the elephant floppings. Bending over to whisper in his large flopping ear.

“Who’s the pup now, bitch.” Roger then walked over by X and Yuuk, with a simple nod they both understood what was next. Watching their now battered opponents stand to their feet. Eyes fix and rage burning hot, and erupting like volcanoes. The three rushed the team of Roger, X and Yuuki, Yuuki took a new stance, her sword to the right with her feet right one in front of the other.  X also took a stance, one hand extended while the other was at his side, his front leg extends while the back leg was bent. When the massive chimeras got to close enough Roger rushed in grabbing the elephant’s trunk and step on his extended knee, then with perfect timing back flipped his head swiftly pulling his truck with him twisting and snapping the elephant’s neck as the he propelled forward crashing to the floor of the ship. X and Yuuki waited for them to be just in front of them, X jumped while using his extended hand to adjust himself mid-air using the rhino for support. Now behind him X landed a extremely powerful kick to his neck decapitating him,sensing blood gushing th the direction of the kick. Then with a spinning kick he launched the rhino’s head at the Bull’s head. Stabbing him in the eye with the rhino’s horn cause him to stumble, using this opening Yuuki rushed. No one saw how many times she swung her sword but both the his arms just below the shoulder and his head were flying through the air. Silence gripped the boat as his head hit the floor, the three Titans of the boat were killed. Cheers erupted from the other passenger all around them, rushing in they all began to thank x and then others.

“Everyone just get your fill,” X said as guiding everyone to the food in the centre of the room. “We have a long way ahead of use.” he said to Roger and the others as everyone began to walk to the food trays hope and happiest filling the eyes.

“You did a great thing, you all did. Now let get some food.” Leonardo said walking up to the them with four food trays to eat. Grabbing his X got up and walked over to the serving area and grabbed a few more trays, making sure to load them up with food. He then began to walk towards the living quarters.

“where are you going?” Yuuki call after him, but he only look over his shoulder and smile be for vanishing into the the dark of the hall. After dinner they all walked back to their room together, they were puzzle at to X’s disappearance of the fight. As the opened the door to the sheared room they found him asleep on this bed but the trays he carried were gone. Settling in Yuuki made a note to ask him about it later.

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