Products & Services

Digital designs comes with the Adobe files, .png & .jpeg image files, a pdf and tiff file. this bundle comes at an additional cost of $50.00 to each price listed below.

Also a separate pdf will be sent explaining the process I go through as I work on any project. I try my hardest to keep each client involved as much as possible with their project.

However depending on how far along I am with each project i due charge a fee depending the amount being changed. This is outlined in the process pdf that will be sent alone with and invoice stating the overall price.

Canvas Painting our Pencil Image prices do not include shipping and handling, which will change depending on the country it is being sent to. Also i am currently shipping for the British Virgin Islands- B.V.I. so shipping times might be longer than your accustom.


Prices change depending on the logo design requested.

$150.00 – $350.00


Image sizes will change the price of each image. The larger the image the more it will cost

$225.00 – $500.00


Prices change depending on the complexity of the mascot or chibi image.

$200.00 – $400.00


FANTASY- Scenery

Canvas paint done with Acrylic paint. Canvas sizes will change the prices of each painting. Applies for all canvas paintings.

$100.00- $500.00

FANTASY- Concepts

Different to Scenery, and can be people or abstract. reserved for original concepts.

$250.00- 500.00


These can anything and will prices according to the amount of details packed into each comission.

$300.00- $600.00

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