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Digital designs comes with the Adobe files, .png & .jpeg image files, a pdf and tiff file. this bundle comes at an additional cost of $50.00 to each price listed below. Also a separate pdf will be sent explaining the process I go through as I work on any project. I try my hardest to … Continue reading Products & Services

Joshua Santus “Santus”

Inhabitant Info Stats Age: 15 yrs School: Draco CradleHouse: Weistria ( Graceful White Dragon)Weapons: Blades (Dual Blade, Long Sword, Short Swords, Spears & Rapier)Spirit Infusion: Snow LeopardMagic: Glyph, IncantationRole: Striker, ControllerRace: Human TEAM CODY LeaderSPENCER DefenderSANTUS StrikerZAC Controller Appearance Long jet black hair sits upon his head extending down his back just above his waist. … Continue reading Joshua Santus “Santus”