Tread With Caution

Dragon’s Cradle Takes Place in these Lands. After (5000) Five-thousand years of war these lands finally know peace. But the cost might have been to high, Humans and their technological abilities has all but vanished. leaving the remaining humans to take up nomadic life to survive their after their wars with the younger Belldum Dios Race. A race of hybrid beings of many different creatures. This hash and unforgiving lands has pushed it residents to seek after a lost power that hasn’t been seen in millennia, magic.

Cultivating dormant power within the earth they have created a new civilization that had begun to prosper more and any before it. However it it wasn’t long before war began anew as families struggled for dominance over all they had achieved. And after (200) Two-hundred years or war and the sacrifice of (10) ten gifted leaders and their battle partners the war was over. Their families carried on their work unifing the lands and being named Nobility or Royalty by the people the severed, each taking and area to governor.

Dragon’s Cradle follows Joshua Lux Santus. A young man from an exiled branch of the now disgraced Traitorous House Sancturus, as he and his best Friend Spencer Kairos begin school and discover the true nature of the society that are apart of. Normal will never be part of his curriculum as each year becomes more complicated than last.

Welcome To Draco Cradle Home to the worlds finest warriors The Dragon Rides.

Chapters I – V

Dragon’s Cradle Chapter II

Opening Ceremony Part I Forest Maze Looking over to Santus, Spencer noticed that his left eye had turned turquoise from its normal golden colour then a strange mark appeared within it. Then Santus stared directly at him, his turquoise eye then began emitting blue flames, confused he saw him pointed to his hand gesturing for … Continue reading Dragon’s Cradle Chapter II

Dragon Cradle Chapter III

Opening Ceremony Part 2 Siblings “So your name Spencer right?” One of the other students asked him. “Yeah it is, and by the way, why are you guys still following me?” He asked turning to the group of students that were following him since the bellum deo incident. “We don’t know where to go and … Continue reading Dragon Cradle Chapter III

Dragon’s Cradle Chapter IV

Welcome to Dragon Cradle “Hey how are you feeling?” Zac’s voice came from the side of Santus’ bed in the infirmary. “I’m doing better than yesterday that’s for sure.” Santus returned. “I feel like I just came out of a blender tho.” He remarked as he sat up to face him. “So tell me about … Continue reading Dragon’s Cradle Chapter IV

Dragon’s Cradle Chapter V

+ Dragon Rite Ceremony It was the end of the week and Spencer had hardly seen Santus. Being so close in rank they shared many of the same classes. Unfortunately they had shared little more than a few fist bumps and greetings since classes began. “Hello everyone, my name is Elizabeth Frost and I’ll be … Continue reading Dragon’s Cradle Chapter V

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