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Digital designs comes with the Adobe files, .png & .jpeg image files, a pdf and tiff file. this bundle comes at an additional cost of $50.00 to each price listed below. Also a separate pdf will be sent explaining the process I go through as I work on any project. I try my hardest to … Continue reading Products & Services

The Pound I- Chapter 1

The Rivers Styx and Acheron “This sucks, how’d I get myself here on this ship anyways?” Roger asked himself as he walked and sat on his bed in the resting quarters of the ship. “I’m not supposed to be here.” He thought to himself as he sat there with the other pets and animals they … Continue reading The Pound I- Chapter 1

Dragon’s Cradle Chapter V

+ Dragon Rite Ceremony It was the end of the week and Spencer had hardly seen Santus. Being so close in rank they shared many of the same classes. Unfortunately they had shared little more than a few fist bumps and greetings since classes began. “Hello everyone, my name is Elizabeth Frost and I’ll be … Continue reading Dragon’s Cradle Chapter V

Dragon’s Cradle Chapter IV

Welcome to Dragon Cradle “Hey how are you feeling?” Zac’s voice came from the side of Santus’ bed in the infirmary. “I’m doing better than yesterday that’s for sure.” Santus returned. “I feel like I just came out of a blender tho.” He remarked as he sat up to face him. “So tell me about … Continue reading Dragon’s Cradle Chapter IV

Dragon Cradle Chapter III

Opening Ceremony Part 2 Siblings “So your name Spencer right?” One of the other students asked him. “Yeah it is, and by the way, why are you guys still following me?” He asked turning to the group of students that were following him since the bellum deo incident. “We don’t know where to go and … Continue reading Dragon Cradle Chapter III

Joshua Santus “Santus”

Inhabitant Info Stats Age: 15 yrs School: Draco CradleHouse: Weistria ( Graceful White Dragon)Weapons: Blades (Dual Blade, Long Sword, Short Swords, Spears & Rapier)Spirit Infusion: Snow LeopardMagic: Glyph, IncantationRole: Striker, ControllerRace: Human TEAM CODY LeaderSPENCER DefenderSANTUS StrikerZAC Controller Appearance Long jet black hair sits upon his head extending down his back just above his waist. … Continue reading Joshua Santus “Santus”

Services & Products

Description Starting Prices Time Frame Designs Logo $150.00 14 Days Maschot $200.00 16 Days Character $225.00 20 Days Symbols $75.00 7 Days Paintings Scenery $200.00 30 Days Individual $300.00 45 Days Family $500.00 60 Days Fantasy $250.00 20 Days Pre-made $150.00

Dragon’s Cradle Chapter II

Opening Ceremony Part I Forest Maze Looking over to Santus, Spencer noticed that his left eye had turned turquoise from its normal golden colour then a strange mark appeared within it. Then Santus stared directly at him, his turquoise eye then began emitting blue flames, confused he saw him pointed to his hand gesturing for … Continue reading Dragon’s Cradle Chapter II

Nova Terra

Journey into The World The story of the Pound takes place in Nova Terra. Nova Terra is a highly volatile society that values complacency above all else. Change is always monitored and controlled by the government. So when the appearance of a ring of flames stretched across the sky, and a new from of life … Continue reading Nova Terra


Tread With Caution Dragon’s Cradle Takes Place in these Lands. After (5000) Five-thousand years of war these lands finally know peace. But the cost might have been to high, Humans and their technological abilities has all but vanished. leaving the remaining humans to take up nomadic life to survive their after their wars with the … Continue reading Disocuri