Dragon’s Cradle Chapter IV

Welcome to Dragon Cradle

“Hey how are you feeling?” Zac’s voice came from the side of Santus’ bed in the infirmary.

“I’m doing better than yesterday that’s for sure.” Santus returned. “I feel like I just came out of a blender tho.” He remarked as he sat up to face him.

“So tell me about yourself Santus or should I say Joshua Lux Sancturus.” Zac’s replied.

“Nope, not exactly.” Santus returned with a sigh. “I’m from an exiled branch of the Sancturus, the Amor. my full name would have be Joshua Amor Sancturus. How did you know I was a Sancturus?”

“Since your brother Samuel showed up and you used that invocation. You may not know but you saved my life during the last collapse, so I’d obviously remember you my savior… you used that same form then as well.” Zac’s answered.  “ But can tell me the truth, why hide who you are? Are you ashamed or is it to avoid misunderstandings?”

“Wait… you don’t know?” Santus asked.

“Know what?” Zac asked.

“The Sancturus Royal line was accused of treason and all subsequent head families and branch families we executed. Being an exiled branch family we were spared from the purge.” Santus explained. “But not the persecution, we were unable to stay in any place for longer than 4 years.” Santus explained as a tear rolled down his face.  

“I’m sorry to hear that.” Zac responded.

“Don’t worry it’s my lot to deal with. But we  were prepared for it… I’m still alive.” he’s said wait faint smile no one noticed, then asked “But how was the assembly I fingered it would be over since that calendar say it’s today.” He said pointing at a calendar in the corner trying he change the topic.

“Yeah it is. They talked about the Orcwort and how it was killed by the participants but that’s so far from the truth.” Zac’s said in a serious tone.

“Give everyone some more credit we actually did kill it.” Santus said as Zac look back at him puzzled. “OK, so during the fight we managed to destroy its root system so it couldn’t escape, that’s mainly why it tried to fight back so hard. But the last two attacks we did, did kill it but Its will to survive was strong enough to keep its body moving… Samuel mostly just vaporized a hollow shell. But the assembly.” Santus said wanting him to continue.

“Well they said since we never didn’t make it to the towers we would have to be place at the bottom of the class.”

“WHAT!” Santus said in alarm.

“But… since we did kill the Orcwort which was a B ranked monster, our ranks jumped from last to first in our years. Also we both got admitted to Weisthria the white dragon house. And we’re gonna be roommates in the #1 student room. Since we’re tied for first in our year at the moment. Also the black dragon house has a trio in their room.” Zac said explaining as much as he could remember.

“Ok… that’s a relief, well step one get into the White dragon house complete.” Santus said falling back into his bed with a small twitch of pain.

“So what’s step two?” Zac asked jokingly.

“I need to find crystalite.” Santus said fixing himself into the bed.

“Isn’t that just a myth?” Zac asked somewhat surprised.

“I can assure you it’s anything but a myth, I’ve seen it once before while I was out looking for materials with my dad. It was a freak accident, but I found some. It’s actually the gem in my pendant.” He said pulling out a medium size pendant in the shape of a sword with wings and the centre of it had a gem that looked rough and unrefined.

“Ok… So it’s not a myth but how do you know that’s it…” Zac returned.

“I have tried multiple times to heat, cut, shape and polish it but nothing. One time it even froze my forge cold after it touched it, so I decided to set it in my pendant as proof it exists, but also so I remember to look for…”

“You have a forge!?” The sound of Cody’s voice broke their conversation as he walked into the infirmary. Spencer, Levi, Nathan, Barhine and Alicia filled the room with chatter as they entered as well. “So you gonna make us some new weapons this year huh?” Cody asked hyped about new weapons.

“If you provide the material then sure.” Santus returned.

“Man stingy.” Cody replied.

“I don’t have the world of supplies at my fingertips you know.” Santus replied with a chuckle, but he did have enough to make them each 50 weapons but he was about to tell them that. But the rest of the day went on in a similar way they all talked, laughed and hung out in his room for hours. Leaving at about midnight when Elizabeth the head of the medical department asked them to leave, so Santus could get some rest.

As they walked back Zac couldn’t forget his conversation with Santus about his quest for crystalite, and about his brother.

“I wonder how he’s dealing with that. I wonder, and how he’s gonna find crystalite.” He taught to himself, “but for right now I need to get some sleep, classes start tomorrow.” Going back to their room he noticed it was still set for one person. Falling on the bed he quickly fell asleep with the events of the last two days behind him. When he awoke he decided to get dressed early to take a look around the Weisthria house hall. Leaving his room he walked around and notice the tower was in complete disrepair, windows were cracked, the walls had peeling paint and the eating hall was completely disgusting. Old food adorned the tables, floors and windows but the worst of all the students lacked all confidence in themselves. Walking up to the lunch table he saw that the food was the best thing they had there which did boost his spirits a bit. Grabbing a bite to eat he sat at the closest table to the center for breakfast. He was one of the first students in the cafeteria as he began to eat he felt a hand rest on his shoulder. Turning he saw that Santus was standing behind him.

“Hey can I sit here?” Santus asked holding a tray of food.

“Sure you’re more than welcome to.” Zac replied. Sitting down he noticed that the entire cafeteria was whispering and staring at them. Ignoring it they both continued eating.

“So I see you got released, are you feeling better?” Zac asked trying to avoid the weird feeling he was getting from everyone.

“Yeah I’m feeling better than new, but I’m suppose to take it easy for a couple of days…”

“ALL YA NEW STUDENTS LINE UP ON DE WALL!!!” The order came out from one of the upperclassmen. Still ignoring them Zac and Santus continued their little talk when one of them grabbed one of the girls on the table behind them and began to drag her towards the wall where people began to line up.

“Didn’t you hear the guy up against the wall!” He shouted as he began to pull her from her seat.

“Ok that’s about enough.” Zac said gripping the guys arm as the girl began to struggle to get free. “Ok it’s about time you let go.” He said crushing the upperclassmen arm in his hand. With a painful shout he released her and then Zac released him. As both of them were falling to the ground Zac turned around and caught the female student as she fell. Holding her ever so gently as he helped her to her feet just inches away from each other Zac stared into her eyes then asked. “Did he hurt you by any change?” swept off her feet she only replied.

“No I’m fine, thank you.” However, within seconds an explosion of ice engulfed them.

“Ok chivalry is great and all, but try not to get me involved will you. I’m suppose to be taking it easy remember.” Santus said as he stood between them and the explosion with a glyph shield protecting them.

“I’ll remember that for next time.” Zac said standing to his feet. “Will you keep her safe Santus. I’ll deal with this.” Walking forward Zac pull out his broadsword and faced them, enraged at their lack of civility.

“What you want something.” One of the upperclassmen said to him.

“Oh and by the way Liz can regenerate anything but a heart or a brain… So, yeah, go nuts.” Santus said out loud.

“What’s that suppose to… AHHHHHHHHHH!” his scream echoed through the dining hall as Zac passed by cutting both his arms off in one swoop. The other seven second year white dragon students just stood there staring at Zac as he gave them a look beckoning death to all. The guy he had just taken down was a third year student who was leading this group of kids.

“Now, the rest of you take this mess to the infirmary before I do the same to you.” Zac said in a deathly serious tone. Running past him they picked the falling third year and ran outside the cafeteria.

“Well… Well… Well, that was quite the demonstration first year.” Someone said as they walked from the back of the cafeteria to where Zac was standing. As he walked between them Santus felt something off about him so he decided to get involved. Stepping forward “I have no interest in the sidekick” he said as he and Santus stood face to face.

“Well I guess we both don’t seem to be getting what we want now do we.” Santus replied with a smile. “Besides let’s just go back to eating our meals in pea….” A punch interrupted him stepping back Santus avoided his punch but only to discover he had planted a trap for him by kicking wear he was about to step to. However, Santus avoid his attack with superior speed appearing behind him. As he turned Santus sent him flying with a palm strike to his rib cage. He recovered but only to see that Santus was inches away from him. Stepping back, he saw Santus smile, looking back he saw that Zac was standing right behind him. Shocked he tried to get away but Santus got him with a lightning fast barrage of attacks knocking him out.

“Where’d you learn that?” Zac asked as Santus walked towards the door.

“Oh that, form a monk with horns.” He answered with a smile. “But homeroom is in ten minutes see you there.” Looking around Zac felt the atmosphere had changed dramatically. But paying it no mind he left the cafeteria and headed for his homeroom. As Zac walked into the classroom he saw that he wasn’t the first student there and there were students from every house. Finding a seat next to Alicia, their teacher walked into the classroom.

“Hello class my name is Defyus Dread and this will be your homeroom for the semester. I’m will be filling in for Arannis Holimion your actual homeroom teacher while he’s out on assignment. So first off welcome to Draco Cradle I’ll begin by explaining how things work here. You were all given your C.A.S. IDs pads (Central All-purpose Student Identification pad) correct?” He asked as he finished. Looking around all the students look at him confused.

“Do you mean this?” Alicia said raising a small handheld device. It resemble a slightly larger ID card, thin and see through, with flames rising from the bottom of the display and the rotating emblem.

“Yes that is, Miss umm… Can you introduce yourself please?” Defyus asked her.

“Ah my name is Alicia Awkward.” She said quietly.

“Thank you very much Mrs Awkward. Ok so to continue on, those handheld devices are your keys to everything in the school, assignment will also be given to you through them. A notification will appear when new assignments have been sent out.  By holding them up to the consoles next to doors they will open, well… once you are allowed to access to those rooms. Next your house, rank and most frequent role taken in battle will be displayed on these. Simply tap the spinning emblem to do so… and before you ask the new ones are 5 a piece so don’t break them. “

“5 ?” a student asked from the back. “That’s not that…”

“5 platinum circuits.” Santus clarified shocking the entire class.

“Wait how do we get ranked?” another student asked after the shock wore off.

“Glad you asked. So if you look at your devices and tap the school emblem, three number will appear in the top right. Each tells you your current ranking in the school, house and your year and in that order from right to left. The lower the number the better your rank. And your homerooms will always be student who are at least 20-30 ranks within the highest student in that homeroom, in your year. Then classes are determined by your house ranks. And lastly positions like student body president and others all become available as you school rank becomes higher. Currently this class consist of ranks 1-30 out of 20,000 in your year.” Defyus said to the class.

“But who’s at the top of the class?” Cody asked sitting in the centre of the class.

“Well as of this morning Joshua Santus and Zac Waiz sit at the top of the class ranked 1st and 2nd. But following behind them is Spencer Kairos, Alicia Awkward, Cody Dangier, Levi Dependere, Scott Blatant, Chase Hilarous, Samantha Tranquillus, Taylor Gallant, as 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th 9th and 10th. So does that answer your Question?” He finished looking at everyone as the bell rang for class to be over.

“Ok but one last thing your rank will change as you win or lose battle on and or off school grounds. Once you start a fight with a student. And Welcome to Dragon’s Cradle” He shouted as they all walked out of the class.

“Zac, hey wait up.” The voice of Santus came from behind him. “Hey, so I’m heading to the library to do some research, on that subject we talked about before. But I’m gonna need help when it comes time to find it tho, and to forge it into weapons. And I want to ask for your help on this.”

“Sure it sounds like fun, but would just the two of us be enough?” Zac asked him.

“No we won’t be enough, but I’m sure we can find some more help when it comes time for it. But I’m off to the library catch me up un intros for our next classes will you.” Santus said walking off leaving Zac in the hallway. As Zac stood there he felt a bit excited knowing that some great adventure awaited him. But for right now he had to head for his next class. As he was heading in that direction he noticed it we a magic usage class. Taken his seat he just barely made it on time suddenly he saw Santus walked in and sat next to him a bit depressed.

“What happen I thought you were heading to the library?” Zac asked him.

“So was I but one of the teacher decide I wasn’t.” He said with a sigh. “But I at least I can use this to search and reserve the books I want for the library.” He said pulling out his C.A.S. ID pad.

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