Dragon’s Cradle Chapter V


Dragon Rite Ceremony

It was the end of the week and Spencer had hardly seen Santus. Being so close in rank they shared many of the same classes. Unfortunately they had shared little more than a few fist bumps and greetings since classes began. “Hello everyone, my name is Elizabeth Frost and I’ll be your magic teacher for this semester. One important thing to know about this class is that we will be learning nature based spells and not arcane based spells.” She said with a smile that melted every male student’s heart. “Is the anyone who know the difference between the two.” she asked, Elizabeth was a wood florian and was beauty incarnate and had a shy disposition that grabbed all the guy’s attention. Two students raised their hands, Santus an and another female student ;she was a petite Sky Florian, with unusually dark skin similar to Santus but slightly more brown than red. and short black hair. Looking over Spencer notices that Santus was sitting next one the guys he was fighting with against that huge tree. Elizabeth picked the Florian girl, “Yes could you please introduce yourself?” she asked.

“Allright…  My name is Nadia Morales, and the answer is that arcane based magic uses the individuals mana while nature uses the individual’s contention to the world’s mana.” she said.

“That is correct. Thanks you Ms. Morales.” Elizabeth returned. Looking around Spencer noticed only a couple of empty choirs between himself and Santus, so he moved over seats until he was next to him, on his right.

“Dude where have you been? I haven’t heard from you in forever.” Spencer spoke whispered l him.

“Sorry about that I’ve been engrossed in some studies. And it’s only been a few days at best.” Santus returned.

“Yeah but still we swore to look out for each other always, Remember.” Spencer whispered back to him. Reminding him of an oath they made when the both were younger in battle training as partners. “how’re we gonna do that if you’re always isolating yourself. Feels like when you first came to Historia.”

“OK, OK  I will fill you in more on what’s happening. On that note, you remember the stone in my pendant right?” Santus asked him.

“Yeah, that ice thingy right?” Spencer returned.

“Yeah that ice thingy.” Santus replied with a glare.

“Sorry!” Spencer returned defensively.

“I’m looking for more of it. I swear I’ve looked everywhere , I’ve looked in books at the library, reports dating back 500 years manifests from every public and private quarry. But I’ve been finding mostly nothing.” He replied and then continued. “But I know that this library will have what I’m looking for. I’ll just need help to go and get it because it could be an extremely hard venture.”

“How many?” Spencer asked

“About 5-7 people total so a full party” Santus replied, “two Defenders, three Striker, a Controller and a Healer. I can do without the extra Striker but it makes it a lot easier. But I also need one of them to be able to work a forge.”

“Hmmm what about Austin he’s a defender and can work a forge? He’s in Radiants but I’m sure he’ll be up for it.” Spencer asked. “Remember he was in a trio with us a couple of times in battle training.”

“That’s a great idea!” Santus said aloud interrupting the class. Looking over their teacher Elizabeth stared at them then asked.

“What’s a great idea now?” Elizabeth asked at his sudden outburst.

“Uh, ummm” he stammered embarrassingly tring to find a cover for his sudden outburst.

“Well we’re waiting.” she prompted.

“Nothing important.” He answered quietly.

“Next time please refrain from disturbing the class Mr…” She returned waiting wanting him to introduce himself.

“Santus, Josshua Santus.” Santus said as the class then erupted into laughter. With a simple sigh their teacher went on. Turning back to Spencer he whispered “I forgot about him, thanks a bunch, ill let you know when i decide to do.” He said.

“No worries, I’ll find something to do in the mean time, but I’ll be on standby if you need me.” He whispered back. Bumping knuckles, they returned to their class. After class Spencer decide to let Santus and Zac do their research. Walking down the hall an announcement with off.

“All first year students please report to Assembly Area of the Central tower for The Dragon Rite Ceremony.” the loud speaker went off just as their class ended. Unsure of the announcement Spencer walked to the central tower of dragons cradle. As he entered the room he found Nathan and Brahine standing next to each other. The Assembly area in the Central Tower was a large open area, the floor were long hard wood ceder planks with long marble pillars along the beautiful carved stone walls. Large archways lead into the assembly area each decorated in the colours and images of each of the ten dragons houses of the school. As they entered the room long plain an stained glass windows allowed natural light into the area. Each decorated in a similar design to the archways with a central chandelier hung from the extremely high raised ceiling. Each wall also held balconies in he spaces between the windows and the tops of the archways. As he approached Nathan turned to greet him.

“Oh hello Spencer it been quite sometime my friend.” He said as Spencer got closed waving Brahine also greeted him.

“Sup dude how’s it going?”

“Pretty good, but I’m not sure what going on here.” Spencer returned.

“We’re about to get dragon flesh and blood implanted into our bodies. They call it the Dragon Rite Ceremony.” Santus said coming up from behind them with Zac. “Oh and by the way this is Zac we meet in the forest he an awesome guy.” He said introducing him, they all then exchanged introductions.

“Ok students right now we are going to give you your Dragon rites. They will appear as dragon scales on you backs in the colour of your dragon house.” One of the teachers said standing on a high platform in the center of the room. “We want the girls on one side and the boy on the other, there will be a divider up in a second for privacy. Next one by one we want you to walk up to any one of these 150 stations on each side and place your C.A.S. ID pads to the reader and then step in when the doors open. Also Please remove all your clothing before stepping in thank you.” As the male and female students separated a large wall went up separating them. It was thick an impossible to see through.

“They don’t play around.” Spencer thought to himself. Looking around he noticed everyone started to remove their cloth as they were instructed. Doing the same he walked over to one of the machines and did as they were instructed. As he stepped in at the door closed and he felt a strange sensation all around his body. Then he heard a voice.

“Spencer Kairos, Black dragon, striker, compatibility 77%, scales 7” then he felt a surge of power within him. Finished he stepped out to find everyone staring at him in awe.

“What?” He asked as no one answered, just stared.

“It’s because your compatibility rate it’s really high. Anything above a 45% is rare, and when you pass 70 people take notice.” Santus answered walking passed him and into the station. Then the voice sounded again.

“Joshua Santus, White dragon, controller, compatibility 100%, scales 10″ then he stepped out and they had a complete different reaction from everyone. There were only silent stares ash his compatibility was announced. Next was Nathan, then Brahine then Zac “Nathan Tonare, Brass dragon, striker, compatibility 69% scales 6. Joshua Brahine, Blue dragon, defender, compatibility 45% scales 4. Zac Waiz, White dragon, striker, compatibility 80% scales 8.” Walking out they all got dressed and head to our house halls for lunch their a few people the got high compatibility. What really took even the teachers by surprise was the fact that six students possessed 100% compatibility. Excluding Santus the was 4 male student A red dragon, Jaheel Chi an Oni striker, a green dragon Kareem Calista a Bellum Mer striker/defender, A black Dragon, Shakeele Bastian a human controller and a blue dragon, Jazeel Chi a human strkier. And one female student, a blue dragon Nadia Morales a Florian Healer. As Spencer broke off to head towards the black dragon housing area another black dragon student, one of his roommates walked up to him.

“Hey you were one of those guys with the crazy high compatibility right?” He asked

“Um I guess, why?” Spencer returned.

“Sweet I know I’m one of your roommates and all but I want to introduce myself properly I’m Tyler Gallant.” He said introducing himself.

“Spencer Kairos, so what brings the sudden let’s be friends attitude, is it my high compatibility with the dragon scales or is it that you want help with something.”

“Ok so you got me, it both  I wanted to ask for your help on something, and your high compatibiltlty rate will help alot.” He said sounding extremely confident.

“Ok what do you want?” Spencer asked.

“Have you ever heard of the Caldera of Burning Ice…?” He asked Spencer.

“The dragon shrines to the Great Wyrm of ice and snow, Yeah Santus and I both did a research paper on them in training school, what of it?”

“Well I just so happen to know its location , and was looking for some other students to travel with.”

“So I guess this is the part where you ask me to get my friends involved in your so little adventure.” Spencer said to him.

“Well I didn’t say quite that but it’s up to you. I’m only putting the offer out there, do what you want with it.” Tyler said working off leavening Spencer in the hall. Thinking a bit about what he said Spencer decided to mention it to Santus and the other to get their take on it. But right now he had to get lunch. Walking back to the black dragon cafeteria he sat down noticing that there was not much people for him to talk to. With a sigh he got his food and sat down at an empty table. A few minutes into his meal he noticed that there was a lot of whispering going on and all the students were staring at him.

“Oh that’s just my luck things just had to get all weird.” He thought to himself. When suddenly some other students walked up to him nervously.

“Can we sit with you?” One of the girls asked him. Turning to see them properly he recognised that they were some of the students he helped in the forest. Excited he answered.

“Sure! Guys sit let’s talk.” relieved they all sat next to him around the table and began to introduce themselves, there were two girls, and three boys. The girls’ names were Carol and Stacy, and the guys were Trystan, Conor and Marcel. Their conversation evolved into a light heated banter that had everyone on the table laughing and have fun. Pretty soon one of the upperclassmen walked up to them.

“Hey first years shut the hell up, some of us we’re enjoying the quiet here!” He shouted at then commanding the entire cafeteria’s attention. Everything went quiet for a few heartbeats as everyone was looking to see if a fight  would break out, but Spencer just ignore him. Beckoning the conversation to go on. Anger bloomed in the upperclassmen who then grab Spencer from his seat by the collar and opened up his mouth to haul insults at him. Before he could make a sound however Spencer unfolded his staff into his foot and jaw, slamming his mouth shut. Grabbing his staff Spencer freed himself from the upperclassmen grip and turned to sit in his chair. All before the upperclassmen fell to the floor. As Spencer took his seat, he heard him hit the floor in a loud crash and the cafeteria erupting in laughter. Embarrassed he jumped to his feet pulled out his weapon right before shout a challenged at Spencer for a duel.

“Bad idea, you’ll regret that it.” A soft and familiar voice came from behind the upperclassmen.

“Stay out of this first year this has nothing to do with you.” He replied as the person came closer. Facing towards the voice Spencer noticed that it was Samantha. Sighing he said to her.

“What you suddenly want to help me now.” Rolling her eyes, she returned.

“No I just want to enjoy my meal without having to see someone cry.” At this point she and Spencer were about a foot away from each other.

“Hey! I’m challenging you to a duel!” The upperclassman shout at Spencer again.

“Hey guys, let’s talk later.” Spencer said to his five new friends at his table. Getting up he walked passed Samantha and then the upperclassmen. “I’m not going to fight you.” He said as he walked past him “I don’t fight people weaker than me.” Enraged he attacked Spencer without warning, however Spencer stopped his scimitar with his three finger before another upperclassmen interrupted.

“Let it go man.” He said as Spencer as turned away and began to walk outside the cafeteria. Lunch was over and he had to find his next class. Looking at his C.A.S. ID Pad he mapped out where is next class was.

“This thing is sweet.” He thought as he followed it to his class, turning corners and walking down long hallways and up a few fleets of stairs. Just before his  class a call came in from Santus. “Yeallow.” Spencer said as he answered.

“Yo, so I called Austin like five minutes ago, and as it turns out I will need you help with this.” Santus said.

“Yeah no problem man when are we leaving!?” Spencer said excited.

“Well you’re excited, so I still haven’t found its location yet but I’m getting close, all I need is one more thing to complete the puzzle.” Santus returned sound excited but still a little frustrated.

“You’ll find it man I just know it, good luck.” Spencer said to him.

“Thanks and see you later.” Santus replied.

“Later.” Spencer replied as he ended the call, looking around he was completely lost now and there was only 5 min left till class. “Great… now what?” He thought to himself.

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